ADA Barrier Free Center Drain 38" x 48" - Tile Ready Shower Pan

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Barrier free Tile Redi shower pans and ADA shower pans are manufactured with an integrated round stainless steel chrome drain, 6" splash walls, and a barrier free ADA compliant entrance. These barrier free shower pans and ADA shower pans are easy to install and are ready to accept tile directly on the surface of the shower pans without the need for liners, mudding or hot mopping.

ADA and Barrier Free Shower Pans Features:

  • Integrated 2” PVC drain outlet in ADA & barrier free shower pans
  • Integrated ADA & barrier free entrance
  • 6” Splash Walls integrated in ADA & barrier free shower pans
  • Shower pans floor pre-pitched 1/4“ per foot to drain
  • Tile set directly on ADA & barrier free shower pans surface
  • Shower pans require no mud setting or hot mopping required
  • Round polished adjustable drain grate
  • All ADA and barrier free shower pans are UL Listed

Dimensions: 38" deep by 48" wide. The 38" depth is measured from the very back of the pan to the barrier free entrance in the front of the pan. The barrier free opening measures 48" wide.

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For the CAD Drawing with detailed measurements, CLICK HERE.

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