Hard Surface Felt - Square 3" Furniture Movers - 4 Pack


3" x 3" Square Hard Surface Felt Furniture Slides - 4 Pack: The Hard Surface Felt Slides measure 3" x 3" square. They have a high density 1/2" thick EVA foam which conforms to anything placed on it. These slides are designed for permanent placement under the heaviest furniture and appliances for future moving. The felt base allows you to easily move over any hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, tile, vinyl and more. The weight of the furniture, or appliance, is all that is needed to keep these sliders in place. Use these skids in order to reduce the amount of friction created when moving heavy objects for an easy move! Perfect for moving refrigerators and oven ranges out for cleaning.

These are the 3" x 3" EZ Moves Square Hard Surface Felt Furniture Slides that are sold in a set of 4. Price listed is for 1 set of 4 hard surface skids.

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