Model 2015 - Appliance Mover Air Dolly - Airsled


Airsled furniture movers are designed to move heavy objects over any flooring surface without causing damage to the floor or object you are moving. Airsled movers are ideal for moving large heavy objects over delicate flooring surfaces. Airsleds are great for contractors when having to move appliances to fix, remove, or install flooring in a kitchen area.

Airsled Model 2015: 800 lb lifting capacity

Airsled Model 2015 Appliance Mover Includes: 

  • (2) 9” x 36” x 1/8” Airsled Aluminum Air Beams
  • 4 peak horsepower power unit
  • Three hoses, “T” connector
  • 4 rough surface/carpet adapters
  • One pair nylon carrying bags and carrying strap


Make absolutely sure that you have enough clearance in order to place 2 aluminum air beams under the object that you are moving. For Example: the Model 2015 has two 9” air beams with a minimum of 18” of clearance. Also make sure that the length of the air beams fit what you are trying to move. 36” air beams shouldn’t move an object that is 48” deep.  Always make sure that the air beams extend past the object you are moving by a couple inches.

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