Spacer System - Airsled

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The Airsled Spacer Systems were made to be used when the object you are moving has legs, and the Airsled unit you are using cannot reach your object because it is too high off the ground. Airsled uses a cushion of air to lift the item high enough off the floor to move. This kit along with the Airsled appliance movers will help lift any heavy object that has a gap at the bottom between the floor and the appliance with ease. The Airsled Spacer Systems are made to be adjustable from 4" to 7". The Airsled Spacer System comes in two different lengths, 36" for the 12" x 39" (model 3205 Airsled) air beams and 44" for the 9" x 48" air beams (model 3015 Airsled).

Note: The price listed is for the spacer system only. Air beams are not included.

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