Tile Redi - Redi Flash Kit

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Redi Flash is an aluminum flashing shower system invented by Tile Redi® for purposes of addressing the waterproofing of the juncture between the tile ready shower installation pan and the shower backer board. If you are worried about any leakage between your pan and shower board, put your worries to rest. The Redi® Flash has your shower pan completely covered.

Redi® Flash is extremely easy to install. Redi® Flash fits onto the shower pan splash wall from the bottom, and secures to the studs from the top, making the joint connection seamless. This eliminates any potential threat of water penetrating down the shower wall, and also secures the shower pan into place at the same time. Once you have the flash secured, spread a bead of 100% waterproofing silicone onto the top edge and jointed corner areas of the Redi® Flash. Finally, bring your backer board down onto the Redi® Flash and you're set.

The Redi® Flash Kit is available in many different sizes. If you can't find your exact size from the options above, Redi® Flash can be trimmed to fit as necessary. For example, if you purchase a 33" D x 60" W single curb right drain Tile Redi® shower pan, you may notice that there is not an exact Redi® Flash Kit for your shower pan. The closest Redi® Flash Kit is 34" D x 60" W, which is the kit you will need to purchase. You will need to trim an inch off of the 34" sides for a perfect fit.

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