Tile Redi - Redi Poxy Epoxy Adhesive

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Tile Redi Poxy is a chemical resistant epoxy adhesive that will bond to most sound, clean surfaces. The Tile Redi Poxy adhesive spreads easily and cleans with water before the adhesive sets. Once the Redi Poxy has set, the epoxy adhesive is one of the best fasteners on the market and is approved for heavy duty commercial use. Redi Poxy is used to install tile onto the Tile Redi Shower Pans and the Tile Redi Niches.

Unit Consists of 1 pouch of Part A (Resin), 1 pouch of Part B (Hardener), and 1 bag of Part C Powder. Available in 3 sizes; 6 lb set, 9 lb set, & 12lb set.

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Ceramic tile and stones
  • Exterior glue plywood
  • Concrete masonry
  • Brick masonry
  • Non-water soluble cut-back adhesive
  • Vinyl or other resilient tile
  • Cement mortar beds
  • Gypsum wallboard
  • Cement plaster
  • Cement terrazzo
  • Plastic laminate
  • Cement backer board
  • Steel

Coverage (based of a 12 lb set)
1/8" Square notched trowel - 45-55 sq. ft. of coverage
1/4" Square notched trowel - 15-18 sq. ft. of coverage

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